Photo by George Youssef on Unsplash

Oh Cairo you are frantic and intense

Oh Cairo you are vexing and infuriating

Oh Cairo but you are also wondrous and complex

Oh Cairo you are charming and seductive

Oh Cairo, resplendent with life, soul and character your appeal is eternal

Oh Cairo, you are endlessly fascinating and your majesty timeless

Oh Cairo I am transfixed by your allure

Oh Cairo an enigma you are



You want to give him a home but not me?


Is it because he is blonde and blue eyed?

You feel his pain and not mine?


Because he is white and resembles you?

He has suffered pain and injustice you say

But so have I and for much longer

You say you care about human suffering so why ignore mine?

Am I not human?



What is Home?

Home is safety

Home is freedom

Home is peace

Home is tranquility

Home is my safe space

Home is rest and relaxation

Home is office and work

Home is peace from a turbulent World

Home is reflection

Home is what I want it to be

Most of all Home is me



What is behind the smile?

Behind the smile there is pain

Behind the smile one finds struggle

Behind the smile there are issues

Do not assume anothers life is wonderful simply because it appears so

We are all on the same journey; one that brings with it hardship and pain

The smile can lie, deceive and mislead

But keep smiling because misery brings with it its own woes



I seek and I search

But I don’t find

Why this longing?

What am I searching for?

Is it eternal or temporal?

Are the answers within or without?

The search is at once both fascinating and interminable

Perhaps one day this longing will come to an end?

Surely it has too?

Or does it?



Faisal Khan

I am a published writer. My book 'Lord Mountbatten and the British role in the genesis of the Kashmir dispute, 1947-48' is available on Amazon.