Gaza being bombed by Israel

Although clearly a polarising and divisive entity Israel has for long enjoyed firm support in many parts of the Western World. After the Second World War, European governments riddled with guilt for the Holocaust and their own historic anti-Semitism were content to turn a blind eye to Israel’s misdemeanours in a quest to establish a state for a people they themselves had long persecuted. We see this particularly (and perhaps unsurprisingly) in Germany where even boycotting Israel has been banned in recent years. Britain has also supported Israel at least since 1948 if not longer.

Although, not sharing this history…

Pacquiao vs Spence

This is a scintillating match up. Although now well past his prime it wasn’t long ago that Pacquiao beat the hitherto undefeated and rated Keith Thurman. The ‘Pacman’ may not be the explosive beast he once was but he still has very decent speed, power, plenty of skill and perhaps most of all experience.

Errol Spence is rightly the favourite but will need to be on his A-game to beat the seasoned legend in front of him. If Spence is truly the fighter that many claim he is then he absolutely has to win; although I see…

What is behind the smile?

Behind the smile there is pain

Behind the smile one finds struggle

Behind the smile there are issues

Do not assume anothers life is wonderful…

I seek and I search

But I don’t find

Why this longing?

What am I searching for?

Is it eternal or temporal?

Are the answers within or without?

The search…

Having won all his 21 professional fights with 18 KO’s to date Ryan Garcia is, without doubt, an exciting young prospect and talent. With his boyish good looks and charm, he is fast becoming a recognizable name both in and out of the ring. Signed by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy his career path and earning potential seem to be on a similar trajectory to his promoter; in fact, there is also a physical resemblance as well as a shared cultural heritage.

In his last fight against the seasoned, durable and game Luke Campbell Garcia proved he was the…

Let me be clear I am not one of these so-called ‘COVID idiots’ or ‘anti-vaxxers’ who either belittle the threat that COVID-19 poses or espouse conspiracy theories about vaccines developed to treat it. To me, there is no doubt that COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous virus, which we can only take lightly at our peril. My purpose in writing this piece is not to diminish the threat it poses but to examine whether mismanagement of this deadly pathogen has exacerbated its impact.

At the time of writing according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there have been 101,561, 219 cases…

Remember if you take another’s land

You will long be despised

Perpetual conflict will be your predicament

Don’t forget they cherish their children, their identity and their dreams as much…

Life can be wonderful

It can be painful

It can be joyous

It can be brutal

It can be beautiful

It can be difficult

Alas, that is it, that is…

Death is painful

Death hurts

Nobody wants to die

But death is also inevitable

What is the alternative?

We live forever?

Is that really what you want?

If I bleed and you bleed

If you cry and I cry

If I feel pain and you feel pain

If we both died and our loved ones feel the…

Faisal Khan

I am a published writer. My book 'Lord Mountbatten and the British role in the genesis of the Kashmir dispute, 1947-48' is available on Amazon.

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